We all know glasses are a necessity for those of us who wear them regularly, but they don’t always have to be a burden. Be it a smudge on your lense you just can’t get rid of, or lost glasses cases, we’ve gathered tips from around the web for you below.


1) Microfiber cloths are the best.

Single terry microfiber cloth.
Use them for cleaning your lenses when you can’t find the cloth that came with your glasses. Keep them everywhere for all your cleaning needs. Wash them frequently in a separate load, in cold water, tumble dry low or no heat.



2) Easily distinguish between bottles in the shower.

Mashable Image Composite



3) If you’re near-sighted and can’t find your glasses, use your phone’s camera to help.

It works because cameras always have perfect vision, so your phone will display a clear image of whatever is in front of you.



4) Struggle to find your glasses cases in the dark? Mark it with glow-in-the-dark fabric paint!



5) Use weather stripping to make headphone ear cups more comfortable.

This trick will relieve some of the pressure your frame is putting on your ears in those bulky headphones. Any sort of padding would do, but if you want this, it is called Backer Rod and it is used to fill gaps in windows/doors.



6) Clean your frames!

Don’t forget to be gentle with your frames, and to blot dry, not just rub because then you’ll create smudges.


6 Glasses Tips from #FreshSpex
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